What are Infrastructure Services?

Changing technologies and needs force companies to change and innovate in information technology infrastructures. Companies that want to serve their customers better with the convenience and speed provided by the online world, take care to adopt digital transformation as the first thing and to create infrastructure services within the framework of this digital transformation.

However, determining the hardware, software and other information technology components that the company needs for the future and realizing these plans without errors is a rather difficult and laborious task. IT provides end-to-end information technology infrastructure consultancy to companies and provides support in determining and installing the systems that its customers may need with the infrastructure services provided by Codit. Adopting new business models and ensuring technological integrity with the services you have created for the future with Codit's infrastructure services takes place in a much shorter time.

Advantages of Infrastructure Services

Cost Savings

It allows you to save on your expenses by configuring the server and information technology infrastructures you need according to your company needs together with Codit infrastructure services.


If your system can no longer meet the needs of your company in infrastructure services and system resources are not enough, you can easily switch to services with higher resources.


Codit systems have many physical and virtual security systems. Your system is maximally secure with options such as VPN and IP restrictions for virtual security at the same time.


Codit systems have many physical and virtual security systems. Your system is maximally secure with options such as VPN and IP restrictions for virtual security at the same time.

High Uptime Guarantee

Your system works at a high performance and provides a %99.5 uptime guarantee with the information technology infrastructure services that Codit has configured specifically for you according to your needs.

Backup & Recovery

The infrastructure services provided by Codit are periodically backed up and your existing backups are restored by commissioning an instant recovery plan in case of problems that may occur.


Do You Have Questions About Infrastructure Services?

Do you have any questions or information you want to get about this service offered by Codit Technology? If you wish, please leave your phone number and we will call you to determine your needs and offer you the best price according to your needs.

What Does Infrastructure Services Include?

Physical Server Services

In the infrastructure services provided by Codit, the existing information technology infrastructure is analyzed primarily within the scope of the physical server needs of the enterprise. And The most suitable configurations are designed through the most suitable hardware providers. Codit allows you to have the most appropriate system within the needs at the most affordable costs with its customer-oriented approach.

Data Storage & Backup Solutions

Codit ensures that your business data is stored with the right configuration with high security with data management tailored to company needs. Analyzes all the data your business has electronically based on its experiences with backup, archiving, data storage, hot and cold data studies to now. A backup policy is determined in accordance with engineering standards and in parallel with the business processes of the organization.

Disaster Scenarios

Codit aims to ensure uninterrupted business continuity of the company in case of possible flood, power outage, fire, hardware failure or user-related problems that may happen to your company's existing information technology systems.

Network Security

It ensures the data integrity, confidentiality and security of your company and your customers, protecting your company's existing information technology assets with the network security feature available in Codit infrastructure services. It provides high security for all your data and system by protecting your system end-to-end against internal and external threats with high security network and security solutions.

Cloud Computing Solutions

You can determine your investment amount by yourself with the cloud computing solutions provided by Codit. And you can have the best cloud computing solutions within your budget. Thanks to cloud computing solutions, you can have the high-performance systems you need at the most affordable prices without management, maintenance, hardware and software costs.

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