What is a virtual data center?

A Virtual Data Center (VDC) is a cloud system created by virtualizing even physical equipment such as IT, storage, CPU, RAM that organizations have designed for special business needs.

A virtual data center is more affordable than physical data centers and is preferred by many companies because it has the flexibility, practicality provided by virtualization. It eliminates the risk of hardware corruption caused by physical hardware with a virtual data center. In this way, a scalable and remotely manageable infrastructure can be easily established according to the changing operational needs of companies.

The virtual data center service that Codit provides to its customers is scalable and the existing resources can be easily changed in line with your needs. Thanks to this scalable infrastructure, you can save server costs by paying only the systems you need.

Advantages of Virtual Data Center Service

You can get detailed information about the services that will be created specifically for your needs by reviewing the advantages of the virtual data center service.

Flexibility and Scalability

It is quite simple to increase or change the hardware resources of a virtual data center using virtualization technology. You will save money by paying only for the resource you need

Quick and Easy Welding Replacement

It may take days to change or increase hardware for a physical data center. You can quickly and easily change your resources with the virtualization technology of the virtual data center service.

An Opportunity to Save on Your Expenses

You pay only for the resources you need by saving on such things as building a physical data center, hiring and training IT staff.

Easy Management Panels

You have the management of your data center in your hands through software developed specifically for your virtual data center management. You can manage all the processes of your company quickly, easily and instantly from a single panel.

%99,99 Uptime Duration

Nowadays sustainable service is very important. Your virtual data center operates with 99,99% uptime with virtualization technology. Thanks to this, you can make your system constantly active and accessible.

High Security Protection

You can configure a virtual data center with much higher security compared to a physical data center as you wish. You can even increase system security by installing a VPN of your own.


Do You Have Questions About the Virtual Data Center Service?

Do you have any questions or information you want to get about this service offered by Codit Technology? If you wish, please leave your phone number and we will call you to determine your needs and offer you the best price according to your needs.

Why Choose the Virtual Data Center Service?

A Virtual Data Center Designed Specifically for You

You pay a fee only for resources that are specific to you and that you need with the virtual data center service. Neither more nor less. In this way, you can ensure optimum resource usage and ensure that your system runs smoothly and safely. You don't have to pay unnecessary fees for hardware costs by having more system resources than you need.

The Power of Flexibility and Virtualization

Virtualized systems are much easier to manage and scale than other systems. For example, when you need an extra resource for your system, on systems that do not have virtualization, it is necessary to go to the data center to increase the resource and integrate the corresponding resource into the system. But thanks to the power of virtualization, you can very easily reactivate the system by increasing the available resources through the management panel.

Advanced Virtualization Technologies

You can get your virtual data center service turnkey by configuring it with the latest virtualization technologies. You can perform intelligent and stable operation management with Vsphere. You can create shared storage for your virtual machines with VSAN, and you can ensure that the operational model of your virtual machines is implemented for your existing network structure with NSX.

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