Network Solutions

Codit offers end-to-end, needs-oriented network solutions for discovery, installation, maintenance, repair and consulting services with versatile network solutions.

The expert staff determines the necessary network infrastructure for you and calculates the problems that may arise in the systems in advance and produces integrated solutions based on the needs of the company.


Virtual Network

It offers high-capacity, point-to-point internet service with virtual network solutions in cases where there is no Internet connection or the existing connection is insufficient. In addition, within the scope of the service, you can also have a single-channel internet connection that is exclusive to you only.

You can use symmetric high-capacity internet within the Virtual Network we have created for you.


Cloud Firewall

As applications move to the cloud, traditional firewalls lose almost all their functionality. At this point, with Cloud Firewall, threats that may come from all users on any device and wherever the data in your cloud system is connected are prevented. Even if users leave your network and VPN, your data continues to be protected without interruption thanks to the Cloud Firewall.

Expandable and designed to meet all your needs, Cloud Firewall services are capable of providing security services up to Layer 7 level. Cloud Firewall ensures the security of your systems against all possible attacks with application analysis and reports. At the same time, it prevents possible attacks by analyzing them thanks to its transparent learning and working qualities. Analyzes and learns requests by listening transparently to your communication traffic between 24-48 hours. It accepts the criteria learned in this process as a database for the abnormality detection system based on the continuity of the system. With this algorithm, it analyzes the abnormal levels of accesses to your services and delivers clean internet and real user traffic to your services.


Anti-Ddos (Distributed Network Attacks)

DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks are a type of cyber attack aimed at disrupting systems temporarily or indefinitely, making them inaccessible to real users. Codit has Anti-DDOS capability in its Technology Infrastructure. Thanks to this, it has a protection capacity of 800 Gbit/s. Devices react instantly to possible attack scenarios, ensuring that only purified clean user traffic reaches your services, thus creating a secure solution for possible attacks.


VPN (Virtual Private Network)

VPN service is a tunneling technology that allows companies to easily, and economically transfer data between their business partners and branches. You can use VPN services for secure point-to-point access. Thanks to this service, you can make a secure SSL VPN connection as if you were logging out of the Internet from a single point, regardless of location and connection. Thanks to the VPN Service, which is compatible with all operating systems and mobile devices, you can provide a secure, point-to-point connection in minutes.

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