What is a Private Cloud Server?

A private cloud server service is a service created based on the cloud service offered in general. For example, a private cloud server service created with the scalability, flexibility, and cost advantage of a standard cloud server service also allows certain people to use it and access it through certain networks.

It is a scalable, flexible, less costly and highly secure service intended for a private cloud server service. You can also choose a private cloud server service that is completely closed to the outside, accessible only from your local network, or you can choose a service that is accessible from all over the world. It can be configured according to all your needs and is quite secure with the access methods you prefer.

Two different models of cloud services can be offered on a private cloud server. The first is the infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) model, which allows using resources such as transaction, network, and storage that the company currently has as a private cloud server. The other is the platform (PaaS) model, which allows the existing company to offer all kinds of services, from simple cloud-based applications to advanced cloud-enabled enterprise applications.


What are the Advantages of a Private Cloud Server Service?

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What are the Advantages of a Private Cloud Server Service?


They are completely closed to the outside world because private cloud server systems are configured on premises networks. In this way, all threats and attacks that may occur are eliminated and you can only access them using the path you have specified.


You can change the server resources as you wish because the private cloud server service is basically a cloud server. You can have all the flexibility features that the cloud server service has with your private cloud server.


If your resources that you have in the private cloud server service are insufficient, you can easily increase resources and reach your systems at high performance with the power provided by virtualization.

Full Control

You have full control over the hardware and software that you will have on your private cloud server. Thus, you can make custom configurations for your project and use only the software versions that your project needs.

Cost Savings

A private cloud server does not have high costs, such as the cost of a cabin, electricity, and internet connection that a physical server has. You can configure your private cloud server service with high security and cost savings.

Back up

You can configure in your private cloud server with the back up operations. You can easily and quickly back up your entire system or a file directory of your choice to prevent data loss at any time and safely host it.

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