What is  Penetration Testing Service?

Penetration testing is known as Pentest for short. The purpose of today's cyber criminals pentest use tools and techniques in the field with experienced, certified experts on cyber security and international, as determined by advanced information system security aims to remedy these weaknesses and the weaknesses of the system are identified and a test.

Institutions and companies can simulate possible cyber attacks before the attack comes with the penetration test. And thus, it can make vulnerability definitions on all its internal and external inventory. Identification, classification, scaling and elimination of vulnerabilities is the main goal in Penetration testing.

Advantages of Penetration and Penetration Testing Service

Find Vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities in your existing system or application configuration and network infrastructure are investigated with penetration testing. All system vulnerabilities found during penetration tests are reported to your IT team.

Real Attack Simulation

Penetration testers take advantage of vulnerabilities that actually exist. In this way, your system provides the opportunity to report all the risks that may occur by being exposed to a real cyber attack.

Ensuring Business Continuity

Existing system vulnerabilities are found and reported to your IT team with Pentest. Thanks to the improvements made, your systems are protected against possible threats and all your systems are provided with active and continuous service.

World-Class Expertise

According to the regulations of your industry, you may legally require an infiltration test. The legal requirements of your institution are also met with ISO 27001 world-class penetration tests.

Cyber Defense Capability

Another purpose of penetration testing is to strengthen the ability to attack defense. You should be able to detect incoming cyber attacks and ensure the continuity of the system by responding adequately and in a timely manner.

Maintain Your Prestige

A data breach or inoperability of the system as a result of a cyber attack negatively affects the trust and loyalty of your customers, suppliers and partners. Protect your reputation by strengthening your system with penetration testing.


Do You Have Questions about the Penetration and Penetration Testing Service?

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Why Choose Penetration and Penetration Testing Service?

The Opportunity To Improve Vulnerabilities

You can identify the vulnerabilities of your existing system and your staff can correct the security vulnerabilities found in your applications and network with penetration testing. You can fix security vulnerabilities before a cybercriminal finds them. You need to make security improvements as soon as possible, as a potential vulnerability could compromise your most sensitive data and that of your customers.

Find Weak Internal Security Processes

Infiltration and penetration testing can also reveal bad and threat-prone applications that your staff is using. You can detect all important system updates, program patches, and threats caused by using warez by penetration testing and maximize your security level.

Regular Reporting

Our experts provide regular and understandable reports to your company and provide information about the current situation with penetration testing. You can maximize system security by eliminating vulnerabilities in your system in the long work with the penetration test reports that you receive periodically.

What Does Penetration and Penetration Testing Service Include?

External Network Security Tests

  • DNS
  • Detection of Corporate IP Blocks
  • Identification of Corporate Whois Information
  • E-mail Tests
  • Mapping of Systems Open to the Internet
  • Corporate Website Information Collection
  • Physical Safety Tests
  • Social Engineering Tests
  • Wireless Network Penetration Tests
  • DOS Attack Tests of Open Systems
  • Testing of Web Software

Internal Network Security Tests

  • Detection of Network Systems
  • Vulnerability Screening
  • IDS, IPS, Firewall Tests
  • Internet Access Security Tests
  • Anti Virus & Anti Spam Control
  • Network Listening and Password Security Tests
  • Password Policy Controls
  • Screen Lock Policy Controls
  • Last User Tests
  • File Access Controls
  • Database Server Tests
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