What are Storage Services?

A storage service is an organization receives services from another company outside its own structure to store its data. Transportation to the relevant storage area is with internet connection. It is used to store e-mail, images, videos, or private data of people, as well as to share private and important files of businesses and files for the organization. Storage services are used for file sharing between different locations and for third-party back up operations.

Storage services are configured to be scalable and accessible from any location specifically for the needs of an individual or organization. There are 3 different storage services. It can be used for personal archives or junk file shares in the public storage service. It is used also for the purpose of hosting important data for the company or individual in the private storage service. Security is very much in this type of storage. Finally, the hybrid store system provides the flexibility of combining public and private systems to be used simultaneously.

Data Storage Systems of Storage Services

All Flash and Hybrid Storage

While offering the cloud experience and flexibility for every application, you can empower your data end-to-end in the cloud with infrastructure optimized for your current workload.

Software-Based Storage

While building the infrastructure of your resources, save time and costs by performing resource management and distribution with software-based services.

You can provide continuity of services in disaster situations by hosting your system backups without data loss with the modern data protection service.

Hybrid Storage

Hybrid storage that you can use for your different needs. You can save time and storage costs by performing many operations at the same time.

Storage Area Networks (SAN)

You can easily manage your storage services with tiered storage, policy-based automation, and intelligent data management by optimizing SAN costs solutions.

Magnetic Cloud Storage

You can easily manage your data by ensuring the security of your data in magnetic cloud storage systems with high speed and strong protection.


Do You Have Questions about Storage Services?

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Advantages of Storage Services

Advanced Data Protection

You can protect all your important data with the complex structure of Storage services and various services developed with all needs in mind. When data loss is not tolerated nowadays, you can safely store your data with the high data protection feature of storage services.

Cost Savings

You pay only for the amount of services that you use with the storage service that will be created specifically for your needs, while providing high performance and high storage. You can ensure that your business makes a profit by having high performance and improved data protection at the most affordable prices.


You can easily expand your service capacity for your increasing needs in the storage services you have. Thanks to the flexibility and scalability it has, you can expand your service scope without the need for very large operations and ensure that your services work smoothly.

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